Pump up the Jam – Workshop 23. sept

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Kennari: Lil’ Miss Lixx

Burlesque workshop 23. sept kl. 16:00
Pump up the Jam

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Pump up the Jam – Lil’ Miss Lixx

Laugardagur 23. september kl. 16-17:30

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Lil’ Miss Lixx frá New York kennir 90 mínútna workshop um trix við að velja tónlist til að búa til burlesque-atriði, auk þess sem við lærum að nýta tónlistina sem best.

Námskeiðið fer fram á ensku og er innifalið í sex vikna burlesque-námskeiðinu sem hófst 18. september.


Pump Up the Jam: How to Choose and Use Your Burlesque Music

Saturday Sept 23rd at 4pm-5:30pm


You have your concept…you have your costume…NOW you need your song!


Music is one of the most powerful tools we have to sell our act to the audience. In this class, you will learn how to choose the perfect song for your burlesque routine. Lil’ Miss Lixx will share her favorite sources to find music and give you a checklist of elements to listen for and consider when choosing your song.   What you do with your music is key and can suck your audience in, musicality is one of the most important aspects in your performance arsenal. Let’s make the most of that tool and hone your skills to perfection. She will advise you in key points on using this persuasive storytelling  device.

Her lifetime of dance training and experience playing in a classical orchestra will guide you to get the biggest bang for your buck with your music selection.


Lil’ Miss Lixx, “The Candy-Coated Cutie,” is a classically trained ballerina turned burlesque starlet. She captivates crowds with her classical striptease, naughty knee-slapping scenarios, and hilariously sexy off-the-wall antics. Lixx got her start kittening for burlesque stars like Dirty Martini and The Pontani Sisters in the Off-Broadway hit “This is Burlesque”.  She can now be found shakin’ it on New York City’s most popular stages such as The Slipper Room, Coney Island’s Sideshow by The Sea Shore, Joe’s Pub, and Abron’s Arts Center. Lixx is also known as one half of the neo-burlesque duo, The Trash Can Twins with Pinkie Special and plays tambourine, cowbell and beer bottle caps in the all-girl, folk-punk band, The StilletteHoes. You can see Lixx on film in Lady Gaga’s documentary “Five Foot Two” as well as season 4 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”  on Amazon Prime.



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