Musical theather beginners | Fimmtudaga kl. 18:30 | 13 vikur Haust 2023

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Kennari: Rebecca Hidalgo

Musical Theater beginners

Musical theater hefur slegið í gegn á Vesturströndinni og er nú komið í Kramhúsið með hinni mögnuðu Rebeccu Hidalgo

Næsta 13 vikna námskeið hefst fimmtudaginn 14. september kl. 18:30-19:30

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Kennari: Rebecca Hidalgo
Næsta þrettán vikna námskeið hefst 14. september.
Tíminn er kenndur á ensku, einu sinni í viku á fimmtudögum kl. 18:30-19:30

Do you have a passion for musical theatre? Would you like to build up your performance technique, self-expression, and knowledge? Or maybe you just want to learn some high-energy dances and songs in a safe, inclusive environment? Then this Musical Theatre course is for you! Rebecca Hidalgo (she/her), award-winning choreographer, presents an adult Musical Theatre course designed for individuals with or without previous theatre & dance training. Every week, we will dive into studying a short routine from a selected musical (Broadway, off Broadway, West End) and make it our own! We will work on the same routine every 2 weeks, focusing equally on movement/dance, acting, and singing (every musical needs “triple-threats”!) Focus will be placed on both individual characterization and working as an ensemble. This course is LGBTQIA+ positive, body positive and gender inclusive: As part of the Queer community, Rebecca works with a “gender-expansive” approach to dance- meaning that the movement is not limited to “femme” or “masc” binary bodies- anyone of any gender can learn to embody many styles and characters.
 Ages 18+



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